Jazz up your outfits with trendy accessories

You're sure to find unique items to accessorize your outfits at The Fashion Exchange.  The best part? Your wallet wont suffer!

We offer a wide range of fun accessories, including shoes, belts, casual and formal jewelry, sunglasses, purses, hats, lotions, perfumes, lipsticks and make up products.

In-season selections

You can rest assured that you'll find in-season accessories at The Fashion Exchange.  That's all we carry!

Trusted accessory brands
  • New York & Co.
  • Express
  • Chico
  • Charlotte Russe
  • And More!

Consigning your accessories?

Ready to consign your gently-used accessories with us?  Please make an appointment for your first visit.  After that our "drop and run" system will save you time.