Consignment Agreement


We are excited that you want to become a part of our shop. Here's what to do next.

When you bring your items in, we will select what our customers will buy. Sometimes there will be items we cannot sell. Please understand that our customers' preference must be our selection guidelines.

We base our prices on supply and demand. We will get the best possible prices for you.

You receive HALF of the selling price. Stop in for any money owed to you any time.

We will display your items for 60 days. We reserve the right to reduce the selling price by 20% after the first 3 weeks, and by 40% at the 6 week point.

If you would like to retrieve any unsold items, call ahead at least 1 day and we'll have them ready for you to pick up.

If you don't pick up any unsold items within 2 weeks after the 60th day, they will become property of The Fashion Exchange and will be disposed of at our discretion.

We will do our best to safeguard your items, but we are not responsible for damage or loss. All clothing is consigned locally.

We look forward to a long and mutually profitable association with you. After all, we couldn't do it without you!